Sedona Retail is the professional solution that turns your store into a source of maximized profit!

We offer a complete, flexible and easy to use professional solution.

We will help you achieve the performance you want with your business through consultancy and support through the whole process of implementation.

Our solutions are suitable for all types of stores, from small ones to big chain stores.

Through Sedona Retail, you can connect several dozen stores at the same time or work with up to 20 points of sales from the same store.

Sales operations can be made from desktop computers or POS, as well as mobile or tablets through Sedona POS application. The software can be integrated with accounting programs, ERPs and online stores. It has numerous customer loyalty functionalities, plus services provided by Casier Total operator such as: cashing utility bills, sale of vehicle taxes, prepaid cards and PaySafe cards as well as cashing rates for loans and insurance.

Moreover, we offer:

– Training at our office or at our clients office.

– Staff training for our softwares: Sedona Retail, Sedona Cloud, Freya Restaurant.

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