Sedona Retail is an excellent marketing tool!

It helps you attract customers and promote your business by:

Advertising messages on customer display
Purchase experience becomes special thanks to series of greetings (“Welcome”, “Have a nice day!”) There is more, as you can display the client first name due to scanning the loyalty card holder.

Advertising messages on receipt
Text added on receipt helps promoting various messages, such as:

– Company website, Facebook page, and contact telephone;
– Discount coupons;
– Accumulation points: “each $ 200 spent, earn a point value of 1 USD.
This bill has accumulated 8 points.“;
– Useful information such as “Open on Sundays and on holidays”, “100% organic products,”
“Every 5 beers the 6th is free!”, “Online Reservations”, “girls 50% off”, etc.. ;
– Request a feedback: “How did we serve today?
Fill out our online form and you can win a gift card worth 200 USD.
Keep receipts for submitting the code.“
– Company slogan;
– Graphic logo – on cash registers and fiscal printers;
– Information related to warranty and product return policy.

Gift cards
Gift cards are still less used in some countries,
but this advertising concept offers advantages both for trader and customer:

– Customer relieves himself from inappropriate gift dilemma
and the beneficiary chooses the correct product.
Procedure is easy, modern and increase customer loyalty;

– Seller receives a new potential customer in the store
so you can increase sales, loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Loyalty Cards
Loyalty component is included in Sedona Retail
which brings multiple reward options for customers:

– Standard discount;
– Cumulative discount. Upon reaching certain amounts of shopping values,
customers benefit from a bigger percentage discount;
– Accumulation of loyalty points that can be used for shopping.

Increase customer loyalty using bar code mobile (phone) scanner
Get the latest marketing & technology loyalty features! Latest trends in technology are already available with Sedona Retail. How does it work? Customers can receive by email a barcode which will be recognized and receive the discounts.
Upon returning the store, customers use the phone to show the barcode already received to the seller. You can use the classic 1D barcodes that contain client code and QR barcodes (2D) containing more information.

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