Short History/Who Are We?

Sedona ALM

Sedona was founded in April 2002, with a new approach to cash register services, simplifying procedures for merchants and providing free consultancy.

The name for Sedona ALM SRL was inspired by a small resort town, located in Arizona, USA. Sedona, Arizona is a famous tourist spot, known for the unusual stones which, according to the lighting strength of the sun, change color from red to orange throughout the day.

Along with an expanding range of products Sedona ALM has established a number of partnerships with prestigious foreign suppliers of POS equipment, such as: Aures Technology – France, Motorola Solutions – USA, Birch Technology – Taiwan, Pro Intellect Technology – Germany and others.

For more than five years Sedona ALM has become a complete supplier with the ability to customize all-in-one solutions for any company, regardless of budget. We offer many types of cash registers, fiscal printers, POS systems, barcode readers, electronic scales, counting and scanning machines, software solutions, consumables, mobile applications and much more!

Some of the free services we provide to our clients include consulting, demonstration, buy back, product returns within 30 days, fiscal registration, support, training, free delivery, and marketing material. We continue to develop new solutions that meet the needs of our business partners based on feedback received from our clients.

Sedona Retail

At the beginning of 2010 Sedona ALM started developing in-house management software specialized for retail stores. By the middle of the year we implemented the first version of Sedona Retail software.

Sedona Retail has taken into consideration all of the needs of small and medium merchants in Romania. Among these, we mention the most important:

– Easy to use and attractive design

– Saving time on data entry

– Easy preparation of all reports for management and accounting

– Integration with a variety of equipment

By introducing innovative features that make Sedona Retail unique, useful and pleasant to use, we have quickly developed significant market share in a space that traditional POS software suppliers had historically held. Sedona Retail continues to expand its portfolio of solutions for retail merchants thanks to our development team, young consultants, and dynamically experienced colleagues.


Sedona ALM invests in developing fiscal solutions for mobile devices and provides loyalty and marketing tools that assist in attracting customers for our clients. We focus on inviting the most innovative and prestigious manufacturers in the POS industry to sign local partnerships that provide direct advice and support to our clients.

Our mission

We aim to remain the friendliest POS solutions provider and to constantly contribute to the innovation of the Romanian retail market.


Values that characterize Sedona are: transparency, honesty, innovation, feedback, implementation, customer loyalty, long-term partnerships. Our team is built on professional cooperation principles, development and friendship.


“I consider extremely important for our customers to be able to perform business continuity and leave legislative challenges and complexities, such as identifying and operating a fiscal system, in the hands of experts. For these decisions, we established ALM Sedona”

Alexandru Lembrau, General Manager Sedona ALM

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