Sedona Retail – Your all-in-one complete system!

Best option for your company’s needs which includes:

– Gain control of your stock and monitor your employees anywhere, without extra costs.

In this way, you can track stock status of your stores and you can easily manage it;

Multiple methods of loyalty and marketing: from loyalty cards and gift cards, to advertisements on the receipt and on the electronic client display;

Boost your business efficiency through various features of the software (management, payment and multiple billing systems, pending payment, Gift Card payment, automatically backup, different sale interfaces and so on);

Optimize your accounting processes by connecting Sedona Retail to accounting software;

Sedona Retail can be connected to payment terminals and to payment processors through a payment gateway (like PayByFace, Token and so on).

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– Take your business online! We create complete and professional online stores that can be connected to Sedona Retail;

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Also, with Sedona Retail you get:

All-in-one solution: products and services both software and hardware through Sedona Retail and Sedona fiscal systems from

Lifetime license that can be purchased in installments, and if you are not satisfied, we will fully refund your money within 30 days from the purchase;

One front-office and two back-office licenses included. Therefore, you have full POS control and remote store management possibility;

Add-on app for portable terminals: Sedona Mobile; compatible with iPhone and iPod. Will ease the process of  inventory, goods receiving, mobile terminals purchases and shelf inventory;

Android App for effective inventory management: Sedona Inventory.

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We know how fluctuating and demanding the world of retail is. That’s why we offer new functionalities so you can constantly upgrade and optimize your business:

Sell vehicle tax (feature available through Casier Total);

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*Sell Prepaid phone cards (feature available through Casier Total);

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*Cashing utility bills (feature available through Casier Total);

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Sell PaySafe cards;

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Connect your store to eMag marketplace; 

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All these features can be activated for FREE in Sedona Retail!

* Competitive commissions.

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